Q: What products do you have to make my hair grow?

A: There are several factor into hair growth. However, with the correct regimen, products, and healthy diet hair will grow. 

Q: My scalp is so itchy? What product can I use to eliminate the itchiness? 

A: Our Scalp Balm is made with anti-fungal properties to help eliminate dandruff and itchy scalps. Keeping in mind the cleanliness of the scalp is also a factor. Check out our Drizzle Bar.

Q: Can I use these products even though I am not natural.

A: Absolutely. Our products are naturally made to address any hair needs no matter the texture or ethnicity.

Q: My hair feels greasy but still dry?

A: Anytime you are putting any type of product on your hair always make sure you are opening the hair follicle by using water on your hair. Also knowing if the product is to moisturize or seal is important.

Q: My child has serve eczema and their skin is always dry. What products can I use to help them?

A: Our Body Butter is made with several awesome ingredients that help soothe but also heal the skin. All our products are naturally made and safe to use on the entire family. No man made fragrances are used in any products. 

Q: My skin is breaking out? What facial bar do you recommend?

A: For regular problematic skin with active pimples I always suggest the Honey Oats and Milk bar. The oatmeal pieces act as a natural exfoliate to help clear away any dead skin. Those that just want to even pigmentation I would suggest the Lavender and Turmeric bar. Whichever bar you use I would suggest pairing it with Rose Water and a Peppermint Rollerball. 

Q: I have a nut allergy, can I still support Nature's Drizzle?

A: Yes we offer custom orders for those with allergies. After your order is placed please email us at naturesdrizzle@gmail.com with your order number and let us know what you are allergic to.

Q: I live locally can I pick up my order?

A: Unfortunately local pick up is no longer an option. Our products can be found at Xclusive Beauty Supply Store in Kentwood, Michigan. Order can take 3 to 5 business days to ship out.

Q: My order was damage during mailing and I am missing items.

A: Please email us at naturesdrizzle@gmail.com to advise us. Also you will be responsible for filing a claim with the United Postal Service. Follow the instructions and they will usually send you a check for the amount that was damaged.