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Check out some of our natural ingredients we use to give you the best Drizzle experience.

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Soap Dish


This soap dish with a wooden bamboo tray is perfect for keeping your soap bars stored appropriately. 

Hear from Customer's that got "Drizzled"

Thank you for creating those facial bars. Seriously my face and scars are clearing up. I didn't think my adult acne would clear up due to all the medications I have been prescribed. Nothing ever worked before. Thank you again and please never stop selling these products.

Shakedra JosephGrand Rapids, MI

Nature's Drizzle has significantly Improved our hair care routines in our household. Wash day for my two year old has become much more simple. The shampoo bar gives her hair a good lather, and leaves her hair clean but not dry. The scalp balm isn't greasy and locks in moisture. Our all time favorite product which has become a staple in our household is the Nappy Nectar. We use it daily. It is not heavy and gives us all beautiful curls and shine. I will be a forever customer of Nature's Drizzle.

Felicia FosterGrand Rapids, MI

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